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01/13/2016 - Eugene Tontodonato - I want to thank the ABC members for many years of fun on the water. Ann and I were blessed threw the years to have so many members welcome us on their boats. I also enjoyed the many years I served on the board as director,Vice Commodore and Commodore. Over the past 25 years we have made many friends and leave with many good memories. Thank you all and God bless
12/12/2015 - Joe Sermarini - A fond farewell to the Anchor Boat Club. We'll miss you. Don't forget to sign up for ABC Social Club events.
10/23/2015 - Joe Sermarini - The site is being changed to the ABC Social Club. Event Owners can now build their sign up sheets.
01/26/2015 - Joe Sermarini - The Calendar has been changed to reflect Sweetwaters closing
01/15/2015 - Joe Sermarini - The 2015 Calendar and Signup Sheets have been updated on the site
01/06/2015 - Eugene and Ann - Merry Christmas and a very Happy and Healthy New Year. to all
09/30/2014 - Eugene T. - Thank you Joe very much for the up dates and the great job you do putting together the event lists. I hope all our members are using this site.
02/03/2014 - Eugene Tontodonato - Need to up date the Calendar. Need 2014 info. Thank you.
12/14/2013 - 2013 Commodore,Eugene - Our 2013 year is coming to an end. I would again thank all the members for giving me the privilege of being your Commodore this year. Ann and I have always enjoyed the friendships we have made in this club and hope it will continue in the future. I wish the 2014 Commodore (Barbara) and her board a safe and fun year. Ann and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year. ET.
11/21/2013 - Viola Van Gorden - I want to personnally thank the Board of 2013 for their dedicated work in making it a fun year for the club. Dean & I have enjoyed the many boating luncheons, picnics and parties since joining and the friends we have met have been a joy in our retired life in Palm Coast.
11/12/2013 - Eugene,Commodore - To all our members, I would like to thank you all for making me your Commodore for 2013. We are going into our Holiday season and hope you all will join us in our Thanksgiving food drive and Christmas ,Toys for Tots, We have our Christmas Party and Change of Watch coming up so please sign up and enjoy in all the fun. Have a safe holiday and again thank you for your support.
08/14/2013 - Commodore,Eugene - I just want to thank all the members who have come forward to volunteered for some of our events. We need everyone to help out to make this club work. Please come and enjoy our outings,we are working hard to please "you". I also want to thank you all for your great attendance at our general meetings. Hope to see you all soon. Eugene
05/31/2013 - Joe Sermarini - Our site has been hacked and we are having virus problems. Virus has been removed.
03/29/2013 - Commodore,Eugene - We had our general meeting last night (Thurs. 3/28 ) Again we had a nice turn out and some good ideas for up coming events were discussed. A bowling afternoon and a Sundance cruise sounded good to the members. We need your input to go forward.We thank Barbara and Dieter for coming forward to have the poker run at there home. The Boondocks trip is next and then the spring picnic. (I hope you are signed up) On May 5, the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra will be at the Town Center. Any body interested in getting a table together ? Ann and I have been going to this event the past few years and it has always been a great evening. Something to think about. Ann and I want to wish everyone a very Happy Easter. Hope to see you all at our coming events.
03/10/2013 - Commodore Eugene - Hi all, The board is working very hard to come up with events and outing for the year. Please,please, help us by signing up early for these events and sharing any ideas you may have for the coming year.The board and I appreciates your input and your attendance at our general meetings. Thank you ET.
03/03/2013 - Commodore Eugene - Greetings to all. First I would like to thank all of you that came to our first general meeting at the IASC. We had a great turn out. I will be making some changes to the seating set up. I am also looking into a pizza party meeting night. I would also like to thank all the members that took part in the canal clean up. Glad to say the canals were very clean. We had a nice turn out for our luncheon at Mezzaluna s. Again I thank you all for being part of our ABC family.
01/22/2013 - Commodore,Eugene - Welcome 2013 ABC Members. I think we started off on a very good note. The Change of Watch had a good turn out and every thing went well. Food,music and a very friendly attitude was felt by all. I want to thank Linda Cohen and her volunteers for setting up a great evening. I hope all our members will join us in our actives and meetings in the coming months. I wish you all good times and good health. Eugene (ET) s back
12/06/2012 - Eugene Tontodonato - First I want to thank Joe Sermarini again for the great work he has done on the web site. I hope all the members are going into the different areas of the site. Now he has the sign up sheets on the web and makes it very easy to sign up or check on the events. 2012 was a good year and I am hoping we all can make 2013 even better. Merry Christmas and a Happy and healthy New Year.
12/04/2012 - Megan and Chris - We were one of the families that the Anchor Boat Club helped this Christmas, my husband and I will forever be so grateful! What a nice surprise, what a blessing! This has brought us to tears! We just wanted to say thank you to all of you!
10/10/2012 - Eugene Tontodonato - Hello members. It s that time of year again. If you have not volunteered for a board position yet, "it s your turn" This club has a great group of members but we need more members to step up and take over some of the offices and chair committees positions. Some of our members have been doing it all and that s not right. Lets get together and keep this club going in a positive way.`Hope to see you all at the October general meeting. The next couple of meetings are very important. Remember, the club it only as good as you make it. Eugene
09/26/2011 - Eugene - Joe, great job with all the pictures. Thanks for all your work as Commodore and our internet page.
09/26/2011 - Eugene - Hello members. It s that time of year again. I am hoping our members will come forward and run for a office position or a director, Most of the present board have volunteered several times and it time others took there place. PLEASE, lets get on "BOARD" Thank You,Eugene
02/08/2011 - Eugene Tontodonato - Hello,one and all. At our next general meeting ,Roseann Miller and Jackie Thierwechter have Volunteered to take charge in getting the coffee and donuts and setting up for the general meeting. We hope that at that meeting some other members will volunteer to take the next month and so on. Rose and Jackie,thank you very much for getting this started.
01/23/2011 - Joe Sermarini - Dont forget to sign up (and pay for) the Celtic Celebration at the Feb General Meeting. Bus, dinner and premium seats $69 pp. It s a great evening. Bus leaves Staples Parking lot at 4:30 PM Sat. March 5.
01/23/2011 - Eugene Tontodonato - I was very happy to see the great turn out we had for our first general meeting of 2011. I feel our new Commodore and his board will continue the good job our past board s have given us. I would like to let the members know that at the Feb.general meeting we will be serving coffee and donuts. We would like you all to come and join us. It s a great club and lets all enjoy it.
02/23/2010 - Joe Sermarini - If you plan to attend the May 22 JSO Concert, please get your check in to Rick as soon as possible.
01/17/2010 - Joe Sermarini - The Change of Watch dinner dance was a hugh success. Food, venue and entertainment were excellent. Many thanks to the organizers for a great job.
06/09/2009 - Rick DiFilippo - Fishing Outing Reminder Friday, June 19. The boat sails at 9:00am. Be there no later than 8:30am. The cost is $40 CASH for a group of ten. $45 if we don t have ten. We have 11 signed up. Hope for no cancellations. Please assemble as a group for payment. Otherwise they won t know how many we are. Lunch at Inlet Harbow around 1:30pm. Openings still available for both trip and lunch.
05/21/2009 - Asa - The web site for boat docking,as of or Ask the doctor; Email;,for technical questions.
03/21/2009 - Eugene - Just to let you know the Videos will take atleast 5 minutes or more to down load. That s why Joe and I need to edit the other tapes.
03/21/2009 - Eugene Tontodonato - Please everyone check out the new video section. it will take a few minutes to down load. The John Muratore family gave me (Eugene) several tapes of pass events of th ABC . Joe Sermarini has already down loaded 2 of the tapes. others will follow after Joe and I edit them. Thanks again Joe for all your input.
12/08/2008 - Eugene Tontodonato - First things first. Need to change dues to $50. on the applications. I would like to thank all the members who have voted for me to serve on the board for many years. I have enjoyed every year and hope others will do the same. This is a great group of people who just like to eat, drink and have a good time. Ann and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a healthy New Year. See you next year as a(regular)member. Best of luck to the new board.
11/20/2008 - Joe Sermarini - I ve added hacker protection to the forum. You have to type 32137 in the bottom box to verify that it is a real person and not a hacker program.
11/07/2008 - Eugene Tontodonato - Happy holidays are coming. Please make sure you all sign up for our great Christmas party and Change of Watch. We need you and your friends to join us and make these the best events ever. We have the Cristmas and Change of Watch committee s working very had to make this a success. We wish you all a very happy and safe Thanksgiving. Eugene and Ann
11/01/2008 - Bill and Edie May - Looked at the website again this evening. It is really shaping up. Looking forward to the activities over the holidays and during the new year.
10/20/2008 - Ike & RoseAnn Miller - It is great to have this available; thanks for all your hard work Joe!
10/19/2008 - Linda & Asa Cohen - 10/19/08-what wonderful memories...with many more to be made and enjoyed...thank you, thank you!!
08/30/2008 - Eugene Tontodonato - Love all the pictures, we have had many a good times with the ABC. Thank you all, Eugene and ANN
08/01/2008 - Valerie & John DeMeo - The website is off to a great start. Keep those smiles coming! Love the pics. :)
07/28/2008 - Mary & Jim O Brien - The Website is great. Thank you for our pictures on it. Welcome to our club Joe.
07/28/2008 - Charlie De Bonet - 7/28/o8- The site is off to a great start.Nice job Joe.
07/18/2008 - George Balla - Fantastic Web site, keep up the good work
07/17/2008 - Bill May - Looks like the website is off to a pretty good start. Thanks Joe.
07/14/2008 - Eugene Tontodonato - We welcome you Joe and your family,it s a great club and hope you get some time to enjoy it. Again Joe I thank you for all your work. It looks and sounds great already.
07/12/2008 - Joe Sermarini - Welcome to the Anchor Boat Club Forum. It s so easy a caveman can do it.

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