Anchor Boat Club of Palm Coast

ABC Application
There is no application for the ABC Social Club. If you wish to join, use the Contact button on the Navigation Bar.


OLD ABC Application Form

                                                                                       ANCHOR BOAT CLUB
                                                                                            Post Office Box 351501
                                                                                             Palm Coast,  FL 32135

MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION                                                                                                 Date: 

NAME: Last        First:    First: 
Address:             Boat Name:
                                    Length:ft.       Beam  ft.
                              Radio:  Yes: No:  Electric req'd   :amps
 Telephone:                               Biirthday:(Month/Day only)
Cell Phone:       Mr.: Mrs.: Anniv.:

DUES:  INITIATION FEE:(NEW MEMBERS ONLY): $25 per person.  New members to receive product package consisting of one large burgee or license plate per family: one hat per member.

ANNUAL DUES:  Family Membership (Captain, Mate and Dependent Children)    $80.00 per year
                                Individual (Single 21 years +) No Dependents                                $40.00 per year        

Have you previously been a member of a Boat Club?       Yes     No
If Yes, name and location of Club:

Were you involved in Committe work or did you serve on the Board of Directors? Yes: or No: 
If yes, outline your experience:
Have you successfully completed the Coast Guard Auxiliary or comparable safe boating class?  Yes: or No: 

ANCHOR BOAT CLUB COMMITTEES: (Indicate which committes you would consider serving on.)
Membership:   By-Laws :   Social:     Audit:     Publicity:   Nominating:  Telephone:

CLUB PRODUTS:  Burgee, Hats, Liense Plates, Jackets, Shirts

Please make checks payable to:  Anchor Boat Club, Inc.
Initiation (New Members Only) $       Applicant's Signature: ________________________________
Annual Dues:.............................   $        Sponsored By: ______________________________________
Burgee   or     License Plate                       Application Rec'd By: ______________________________________
Hat:        .                                                                           Date Received: ____________        Waiting List Number: _____
 TOTAL TO BE PAID:               $                                   NEW MEMBERS ONLY
                                                                                                  DO NOT SEND MONEY WITH THE APPLICATION
                                                                     PAYMENT DUE UPON ACCEPTANCE INTO THE ANCHOR BOAT CLUB