Anchor Boat Club of Palm Coast

Anchor Boat Club

There Are No Bylaws for the ABC Social Club. The only requirement is that each month a member unit Host and/or plan an outing for the Club. The frequency of this responsibility will be determined by the number of family units.

      OLD Anchor Boat Club, Inc. By-Laws        

           As Amended June 17,2010 


The name of the not-for-profit corporation is Anchor Boat Club, Inc., hereafter referred to as The Club.


The objectives of The Club are as follows:

1.  The establishment, maintenance, supervision and expansion of The Club    
2.  The promotion of safe boating
3.  The conservation of natural resources
4.  The promotion of marine activities of a social and recreational nature, and other related activities
5.  The support of recognized civic and charitable activities

The Club will provide a service to its members and its membership shall participate in the organization by contributing their efforts toward the fulfillment of The Club’s objectives.    


Section 1: Classes of Membership

     A. Individual -  Single persons 21 years or older (without dependents). An individual member is entitled to one vote.

     B. Family - Head of Household 21 years or older, spouse, if any, and unmarried dependent children under 21 years of age.  The head of household and spouse are entitled to one vote each.

  Section 2.  Changes in Class of Membership

      A. Changes in Class - Members shall be required to change membership class in the event of a change in status.  Such change shall include an adjustment of dues for the new class of membership effective at the beginning of The Club’s next fiscal year.  In no event shall there be a retroactive refund of dues.  In the event of the death of one member of a family, such membership shall devolve to the surviving spouse.

     B. Capping of Membership - When membership is capped, names of applicants to The Club will be put on a waiting list per postal delivery only. The order of admission to

The Club will be determined by the postage date per application.  If multiple applications are received on the same date, position on waiting list will be determined by lottery.  Membership is capped at 101 members.

     C. Boat Owner Ratio to Membership - In keeping with the ABC objectives, 40% of the current membership will consist of owners of powered boats of 16 ft or more. 

Section 3.  Resignation

Members may be terminated by voluntary resignation, tendered in writing and accepted by the Board, provided the resigning member shall have paid current dues and all other indebtedness to The Club. Such resignation shall be deemed “in good standing.”

Section 4.  Reinstatement

Any former member who resigned “in good standing” may, during a period not exceeding one year from said resignation, make application for reinstatement.  If cap is met, applicant for reinstatement will be put on the waiting list.

Section 5. Interpretation of Membership Provisions 

Any conflicts or disputes with respect to the interpretation of the status, conditions, rights and privileges of membership, whether set forth in the by-laws or not, shall be presented in writing to the Board by the Membership Committee with its recommendations.  After consideration by the Board, its decision shall be final and binding on all parties.

Section 6. Eligibility 

People who value the objectives of The Club, as set forth in Article II and who, in the judgment of the Membership Committee and the Board, are of good moral character and can be expected to abide by these by-laws,  rules and regulations of The Club and who will share in The Club’s  responsibilities are eligible for membership.   Membership shall not be denied on the basis of race, creed, sex or national origin.

Section 7. Admission to Membership 

Upon approval of the completed application accompanied by the appropriate annual or semi-annual dues, the Membership Committee, through the Chairperson, provides the new member with : 1. Welcome  letter, 2. Membership card, 3. A membership list with their name included, 4. A copy of the by-laws, 5. Any other materials requested  on the application.  The Membership Committee Chairman is responsible for notifying the Secretary about the new member(s) so that their name(s) can be posted in The Club’s Monthly Newsletter or any other monthly correspondence provided.  Proceeds collected are to be forwarded to the Club Treasurer, 6. Member will receive membership merchandise package.  All applicants, sponsored and non-sponsored, wishing admission to The Club will be reviewed by the Membership Committee and presented to the Board by the Membership Chairperson for consideration.  Approval by the Board shall cause the Secretary to post the name of the applicant in the Club Bulletin for 30 days.  If any member of The Club notifies the Commodore or any other Flag Officer that there is an objection to the applicant, the Board shall reconsider such application.  If no disapprovals are received within said thirty days, the applicant shall be deemed approved and shall be so notified by the Membership Chairperson 

Section 8. Member’s Obligations 

   A. Members are expected to practice good sportsmanship, fellowship and proper conduct at all times, either afloat or ashore.  

   B. Members are accountable for the conduct of their families and guests. 

   C. Members are responsible for knowing these by-laws and abiding by them.      

Section 9.  Censure, Suspension and Expulsion 

   A. Except for non-payment of dues, and other charges which are provided for in Article IV, a member shall be subject to censure, suspension or expulsion if the conduct of such member violates these by-laws. 

   B. In the event there are charges of misconduct or violations of the standing rules of The Club, brought against a member by another member, the Board shall meet with the charged member and thoroughly investigate such allegations.  After careful and deliberate consideration of said allegations and the defense, they will make a determination of any action to be taken.

   C. If after investigation the Board determines that the evidence does not support the allegations, no further actions will be taken.  

Section 10. Guest Privileges 

   A. Club events are limited to Club members and their invited guests only.

   B. Club members may invite guests to attend Club events not to exceed three events per guest per calendar year. 

   C. Members must host their guests on their own vessels and non-members are not permitted to use their own boats in the flotilla unless such event is declared “An open event.”

   D.  An open event will be declared by the Fleet Captain, Rear Commodore and approved by the Commodore and Vice Commodore.  An open event can be declared when there is sufficient docking and social event accommodations.  The declaration of an open event can not cause any inconvenience to any Club member.  All open event boats must inform the Fleet Captain of boat size and number of people on board.                                                   


The dues for the classes of membership, and other charges are determined by resolution of the Board.  Annual dues are payable by January 15th.  If payment is not made by said due date, the delinquent member will lose all privileges and rights of a member.


Section 1.  Designation 

The Flag Officers of The Club are Commodore, Vice Commodore, Rear Commodore, Fleet Captain, Secretary and Treasurer.

Section 2.  Terms of Office 

   A.  A Commodore shall not serve more than two elected consecutive terms.  With the exception of the Commodore, in the event any elected officer is unable to serve his term, a new officer shall be appointed by the Board to complete the unexpired term.  

   B.  Term of office shall begin on the first of January. 

   C. Officer shall serve for a term of one year or until a successor is elected. 

    D. If the Commodore is unable to complete his/her term (resignation, death, confirmed disability), as determined by a majority of the Board, the Vice Commodore shall then assume the office of Commodore, with full authority as Commodore. 

  Section 3.  Duties 

The duties and responsibilities of each of the officers listed in this Section shall be as follows:

    A. The Commodore - The Commodore, serves as the Chief Executive Officer of The Club and Chairman of the Board and shall: preside at all meetings of the membership, be an ex-officio member of all standing committees, and together with the Treasurer, sign all contracts, bonds or other written instruments approved by the Board on behalf of The Club. He/she shall retain executive and administrative authority in all matters pertaining to the business of The Club, in accordance with policies established by the Board.

   B. Vice Commodore - The Vice Commodore assists the Commodore in the discharge of all duties, and in the Commodore’s absence, shall act in the Commodore’s place, and shall be assigned such other duties and social functions as may be determined by the Commodore.

   C.  Rear Commodore -  In the absence of the Commodore and/or the Vice Commodore, the Rear Commodore shall act in the place and stead of the absent officer and shall be responsible for activities as may be determined by the Commodore.  Duties include setting-up monthly events and keeping the Fleet Captain informed regarding all activities.

   D. Fleet Captain - The Fleet Captain is responsible for all marine activities.  Makes needed inquiries and arrangements for docking or staying at marinas for club events.  Leads flotillas or assigns a member of the flotilla to lead if the Fleet Captain is not available.  Keeps track of all boats in flotilla and assigns positions of vessels including sweep. Performs other duties as determined by the Commodore

   E. Secretary - The Secretary records and maintains all Board and membership meeting minutes. He/she is solely responsible for the reporting of this information.  The Secretary keeps and preserves all Club records and documents.  The Secretary maintains a list of members and their boats and updates the roster on a monthly basis and provides boat owner ratio of membership.  The Secretary is responsible for posting and publishing the names and sponsors of applicants for membership, as directed by the Board.  The Secretary shall compose and mail correspondence relating to the Club functions, ie: Certificates of Appreciation for speakers, etc. 

   F. Treasurer - The Treasurer receives all funds due The Club, pays all bills authorized by the Board and provides written reports of the total financial position of The Club at all Board meetings, and shall report at all general membership meetings in a form as directed by the Board, in accordance with good standard business practice.  The Treasurer, plus one or more members of the Board, develops a club budget for the coming year. This budget is to be submitted to the Board for approval no later than the November Board Meeting of that year.

   G. Past Commodores - The immediate Past Commodore, in good standing shall be an Honorary Flag Officer of The Club. He/she shall assist the Commodore on special committees and projects and will act as a non-voting advisory for the Board and The Club membership if the need arises.


Section 1.  Composition 

The six elected officers of The Club shall become the Board of Directors.

Section 2.  Duties 

The Board manages all the activities and properties of The Club; make all contracts, agreements, and purchases; provide for all expenditures and administer the affairs of The Club in such manner as may be necessary to carry out the objectives and purposes of The Club, as set forth in the charter and these by-laws, except the Board may not purchase properties, buildings, lease same or contract for the above without approval of the majority of the membership present at any meeting of the membership called for that purpose. Included in, but not limited to general duties set forth below, the Board shall:

   A. Manage the Club’s financial affairs, including the right to invest any funds of The Club on behalf of and in the name of the membership. 

   B. Levy and collect dues and charges from al members of The Club for the purpose of paying expenses, conducting business and paying debts.  Any expense over a total of $250.00 in any one calendar year, not budgeted, must be presented to the members for approval. 

   C. Make rules and regulations for the direction of the officers and for the management of the affairs of The Club and its property. 

   D. Submit annual operating budget for approval by the membership by the end of the calendar year  

Section 3.  Meetings of the Board 

Regular meetings of the Board will be held once a quarter at a place and time designated by the Board.  Special meetings of the Board may be called by the Commodore or three members of the Board on three days notice to all Board members.  Two-thirds of the Board shall constitute a quorum at all regular and special meetings.     

Section 4.  Removal

The Board has the power, by vote of two-thirds of its members at a meeting duly called for that purpose, to remove, for cause, from office any officer or Board member.

Section 5.  Attendance at Board Meeting 

A member of the Board who fails to attend three consecutive regular meetings without just cause as determined by the Board, shall cease to be a Board member and shall cease to be a Club officer.

Section 6.  Compensation 

A member of the Board or any member shall not receive, directly or indirectly, any salary or any other compensation from the Board.

Section 7.  Vacancies on the Board 

In the event of a vacancy on the Board caused by a removal or otherwise, the Board may (except for the office of Commodore) fill such vacancy and office by a vote of two-thirds of its members at a meeting duly called for such purpose.  In the event that the Commodore shall be removed or a vacancy shall occur for the position of Commodore, the Vice Commodore shall be elevated to Commodore.                                                   

Section 8.   Board Member Resignation 

In the event a Board member resigns, he or she must submit a dated, signed letter of resignation to the Commodore.  The Commodore shall deem that letter of resignation effective immediately.



Section 1.  Regular Meetings 

The Club will meet each month at the regular date and time as designated by the Board, unless determined otherwise by the Board, upon at least six days notice to the membership. 

Section 2.  Annual Meetings 

The regular membership meeting in November shall be the annual meeting for the purpose of electing officers, members of the Board, and for any other business that may arise.

Section 3. Special Meetings

Special meetings may be called by the Commodore or the Board and may be called upon the written request to the Board by 25 members in good standing.  The purpose, time and place of such special meetings shall be stated in the call.  At least six days notice shall be given in writing to the membership.

Section 4.  Quorum

Twenty five percent of the members who have voting rights and who are in good standing shall constitute a quorum.

Section 5.  Voting Rights

Voting rights for each class of membership are as set forth under Article III of these by-laws. 

Section 6.  Attendance 

An attendance log will be signed by each member attending each regular or special meeting.



The standing committees are (1) Membership, (2) Finance, (3) Social, (4) Public Affairs (5) By-Laws, (6) Other Committees, (7) Nominations and Elections (8) Audit.  Each standing committee will have Director as a liaison, appointed by the Commodore.  Committee Chairperson is to report to the liaison on a monthly basis prior to the Board meeting. The appointed official shall be (9) Sergeant-At-Arms.   

Section 1.  Membership Committee

   A. Composition - A chairperson appointed by the Commodore from the Board by the January meeting of each year, along with two members from the general membership appointed by the Commodore. 

   B. Duties - In addition to the duties set forth in article III the Membership Committee shall: 

      1.  Receive, review and act on all applications for membership. 

      2. Recommend acceptance of membership to the Board if the application is approved by a majority of the Membership Committee. 

      3. Provide for issuance to each member a copy of the by-laws, a membership card and member roster and a copy of the Flotilla Rules. 

Section 2 Finance Committee 

It is the duty of the Finance Committee to examine, at such period as they may deem necessary, the accounts of The Club, and generally to control and manage the financial matters of The Club subject, however to the direction of the Board.  The Chairperson will be a member of the Board and appointed by the Commodore, two other non-Board members shall be appointed by the Commodore.  The Committee is also responsible for auditing the financial statements, records and procedures used for the preceding fiscal year. The audit shall be completed prior to the Change of Watch.

Section 3   Social Committee 

The Social Committee is responsible for all non-boating social activities.  The Chairperson shall be appointed by the Commodore.  

Section 4.  Public Affairs Committee

 The Public Affairs Committee shall be chaired by a member of the Board appointed by the Commodore.  This committee is responsible for the monthly bulletin and all other publicity as authorized by the Board members and are appointed by the Board. 

Section 5.  By-Laws 

The By-laws Committee shall be chaired by a member in good standing and appointed by the Commodore.  The By-laws Committee receives from the Board and/or the membership all proposals, changes, additional by-laws or amendments to the Anchor Boat Club, Inc.  Said committee is to put forth proposals to the Board and membership or approval per Article XIV. 

Section 6.  Sunshine Committee 

   A.  Composition - The Sunshine Committee is to be headed by a Chairperson who is to be selected by the Commodore.  The Chairperson will select committee members.   

   B.  Duties - The Sunshine Committee will: 

      1. Send appropriate get-well cards to any member who is ill and/or hospitalized.

      2.  Send a condolence card to any member when there has been a death in the member’s immediate family. (parent, grand-parent, child, brother or sister.)

      3.  In the event of the death of a club member, flowers/fruit and a condolence card will be sent to the family.  The cost of flowers/fruit shall not exceed $100.00.  Any amount over $100.00 must be approved by the Board.

 Section 8.  Other Committees 

 The Commodore, with approval of the Board, may appoint such other standing and temporary committees as are deemed necessary for the efficient operation and management of The Club and to act under the supervision of those members of the Board designated by the Commodore. 

 Section 8A.   Nominations and Election Committee

   A.  Composition - A chairperson and four members, selected by the Commodore 

   B.  Duties - The following duties will be performed: 

      1. Nominate candidates for the office to be filled at the annual meeting.  The committee shall report at the regular meeting in October.  At this regular meeting, additional nominations from the floor shall be permitted.

      2.  Distribute ballots, regular or absentee, for the election. Absentee ballots for members who are sick, incapacitated or out of town must be mailed to the Election Committee, Anchor Boat Club Inc.,  PO Box 351501, Palm Coast, Florida 32135 and postmarked eight days in advance of the election.  Such ballots shall not be opened prior to the election.

      3.  Determine that only members in good standing vote. 

Section 9 - Sergeant-At-Arms 

The Sergeant At-Arms shall be appointed by the Commodore, will be a member in good standing, and have some knowledge of Robert’s Rules of Order.  He/she will be responsible for preserving order during regular and special membership meetings, provide and maintain a member attendance log and report to the Secretary the presence or absence of a quorum.  In addition he/she may be asked to maintain and distribute identification tags and manage activity registration  sheets.  



Only voting members in good standing shall have any right or interest in The Club and its properties.  Termination of membership by resignation, death, expulsion or otherwise shall operate as a release of all rights, title and interest in the property and assets of The Club.



Each member of the Board, officers, agents or committee members of The Club shall be indemnified and held harmless against all expenses and costs reasonably incurred by him/her in connection with or resulting from any action, suit or proceedings brought by or in behalf of or against The Club to which he/she may be made a party by reason of being or having been a member of the Board, an officer,  committee member or agent of The Club, except in relation to matters as to which he/she shall finally be adjudged therein to have been liable for or guilty of gross or willful negligence or misconduct in the performance of his/her duties in The Club.  In the case of settlement of any such action, suit, proceedings or claims before final adjudication, the said right of such indemnification shall exist (except as to amounts paid or payable to The Club pursuant to such settlement), but only to the extent, if any, which the Board may authorize.  



 Section 1.  Election of Officers 

Any candidate seeking office for the position of Commodore must be a member in good standing of the Anchor Boat Club for a minimum of one (1) year.  They must have attended at least four (4) of the last twelve (12) general membership meetings.  All other candidates seeking office as an officer or Board member must be in good standing and attended at least four (4) of the general membership meetings.  At the annual meeting, a majority vote for a candidate for an office other than for the Board, shall constitute election for that particular office.  If a majority vote is not obtained on the first ballot, a runoff ballot shall be cast for the two candidates receiving the greater number of votes until a majority is received by one candidate. 

Section 2.  Board of Directors 

All candidates for the Board shall run at-large for the positions to be filled each year.  The two candidates receiving the greater number of votes shall be declared elected to the Board.  Should there be a tie vote, a runoff ballot shall be cast until a majority is obtained for each candidate 


The burgees and colors of The Club shall be of pennant design 10” x 15” consisting of the colors Scarab Green and Royal Blue with the insignia of an anchor and the letters “ABC”, to be flown in accordance with yacht etiquette.                            


The rules contained in the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Orders, Newly Revised shall govern The Club in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with these by-laws and any special rule of order The Club may adopt.                        


The by-laws of The Club may be amended by the affirmative vote of two-thirds of the membership present at a regular, annual or special meeting of the membership called for that purpose upon 30 days following written notice to the membership setting forth the proposed amendments.  Amendments may be proposed by the Board or by a written request setting forth the proposed amendment signed by at least ten percent of the members in good standing.  Voting on a proposed new by-laws, and/or by-law amendment is to be held no later than 60 days and no sooner than 30 days after the proposal for such new by-laws and/or amendments at a general membership meeting.


    1.  Payment for any trip or event must be paid for 10 days in advance.  No refunds after the 10 day period except on a case by case basis, submitted to the Board for approval. 

    2. Non-members will pay an additional fee over regular members when attending Club functions.  Amount is to be determined for that function by the Board.